Trattoria La Pergola

Trattoria La Pergola is a lovely italian trattoria restaurant, we serve local traditional food, such as fresh home made pasta and local chargrilled meat, we love innovation as well, we offer choices of fresh raw or cooked fish. We like to keep it simple but as tasty as possible, we are looking forward to make you try our idea of cuisine. 
Are you looking for a place to stay during your bike trip? Or maybe a nice, quiet room for you and your beloved half? 
Drop us an e-mail or search us on , you will find the perfect spot for any of your special request.


La Pergola Trattoria e Alloggio di Ferrian Valeria & C. s.a.s. 
Via Dante Alighieri, 134 - 36040 Brendola (VI)
Tel. 0444 601675 e-mail: